Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the Autobiography of your Soul, you have lived many times before

You are more than your physical body, past life regression is an experience from the essence of your soul

Your true nature is your journey within to find out who you really are, past life memories come from your soul and lead you to familiar places

Find your life’s plan, view your options and your choices to flow with your life connect to your full potential, this brings Peace Harmony and Balance

Align to your Purpose

Each person comes to earth with a unique destiny to fulfil, its really not an accident that you are here on earth

Spirit realm is the real house of Peace Love Joy and Happiness

Past life regression starts with a slow process of hypnosis regressing back from the present day slowly back to he womb, then into spirit realm where you find a peaceful garden to make connection with your guides who will take your hand and your Journey will begin

£150 treatment time usually 2 hours



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