Reiki, Kundalini, Shamanic & Ayurveda PranaShakti Courses

Reiki is a Japanese healing energy and de – stressing technique, which helps the body’s own healing process promoting relaxation

Giving you the tools to change your life forever !

Rei Universal
Ki   Energy

The energy flows through all of us that’s why we are alive.

Reiki has been seen as a path to enlightenment, Reiki energy is energy from the universe and all things living. Reiki allows us to tap into this energy, and use it for yourself or to give treatments. You can become a practioner, Reiki master, or a Reiki teacher.  Anyone young, old, male or female can give and receive Reiki.

Reiki has many benefits such as: deep relaxation, pain relief, energy release from supressed feelings, strengthened intuition, greater awareness of full potential, blossoming of hidden talents, creativity and a greater sense of spiritual connection and well being.

All courses can be taught in groups in person or as a distant course.


Original Japanese

Reiki is an ancient healing art and is a wonderful way to take a spiritual journey to find happiness and inner peace. Reiki will enable you to heal yourself & others through meditations & healing.

Reiki courses are offered in small groups, one to one, or distance with full unlimited support, and certificates given at the end of each course.

Reiki shares are offered every 5 – 6 weeks, starting with meditation followed by sharing Reiki treatment.

SHODEN Reiki 1           Reiki 1 and 2    £150     2 days   With follow up sessions if required 

This is a one day course where you will receive a manual including the history of Reiki and Dr Usui. You will be shown the hands on healing treatment and then be able to practise too. You will recieve 3 empowerments throughout the day course.

OKUDEN Reiki 2 

This is a two day course, where we will go over the treatments for Reiki 1, and you will then learn how to become a Reiki practioner, recieving 3 further empowerments. You will learn how to use the Reiki symbols for treatments and meditation, followed by a half day course to lean the Hara line meditations and the sounds for the symbols

SHIPDENDEN    Reiki masters 2 days £ 250

Reiki Masters/teacher is a course for anyone wishing to become a master, being a teacher is optional, many people just wish to further thier knowledge of reiki and revieve the master empowerments. Some wish to become masters and then learn to teach, there is no extra cost to learn to teach Reiki after you have become master once you have worked with the empowerments and symbols.



Kundalini is a system of Spiritual Awakening through empowerments and meditations.

Kundalini helps all who seek knowledge of Kundalini encouraging peace and Happiness, along with giving energies for the mind and body.

Kundalini is the easiest and most powerful healing system that can take you on a wonderful healing and spiritual journey.

A journey of healing and self realisation, this course opens and cleans the chakras and the main energy channels of the body to fascilitate the awakening power of Kundalini energy.

Kundalini awakening is a one day course which includes a manual and your first empowerment, you will recieve a further – 6 empowerments, one per week. The Kundalini must awaken slowly, followed by a half day workshop to learn how to pass on the empowerments to others.

£ 50     1 day plus follow up attunements 



Shamanic healing is an ancient healing system which has been used for 6000 years by Indian Tribes in Brazil, sacred symbols are used to heal by the power of Universal love. It is a very simple, natural, effective and deepley spiritual power from Universal source. Shamanic energy allows you to call for assistance, guidence and teaching. It is a loving healing technique, and when tapped into, it allows you the love and light.

Love and light restores and balances our whole system.

We are beings of spirit – spirit in a human body.

Shamanic healing is a one day course, where you will recieve your manual at least one month before your treatment so that you can read through the manual and get a feel for the symbols before your empowerment. It will then be followed by a further half day workshop so you can then learn how to pass on the empowerment to others.

£ 50 1 day 

Ayurveda Shakti       

“Ayu” means life and “Veda” means knowledge from the Ancient Vedic texts. Ayurveda is said to have originated with Lord Brahma (Creator of the Universe, according to ancient texts). This ancient medicine seeks to re-establish harmony between the body and it’s habitat and was first recorded in written form over 5,000 years ago in India.
Ayurveda is an ancient science of life – a traditional and perhaps the oldest and most holistic medical system available on the planet today.
This system, Ayurveda Pranashakti formerly known as Ayurveda Reiki empowers your body, mind and spirit. Through this modality you access vital life force properties of Ayurveda. This system awakes Kundalini and attunes you for the vital energy frequencies of Ayurvedic Medicine, Mantras, Colors, Planets, Panchamahabootas (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space). It is extremely powerful and effective, yet gentle.
The god of Ayurvedic medicine Lord Dhanvantari helps to diagnose the disease and direct the appropriate frequency energy to the patient. This is not only confined to be a healing system but also involves spiritual growth enabling the practitioner to realize his true self. Once this self-realization is achieved, the practitioner is led to Moksha, the final liberation from worldly existence and its attendant miseries.


£ 50.00 1 day

Take a journey Of Self Discovery  

Awaken Blossom & Empower, find your true authentic self

Take a journey of treatments & empowerment’s followed by guided meditations that you can use everyday, using the energies that you have been empowered too,

Reiki, Kundalini Awakening, Shamanic healing, Ayurveda Shakti, Soulstar & Earthstar, and Buddha nature for connection to your higher self & divine self connection

At the need of your journey we take a shamanic guided journey to meet your ancestors and guides

£ 295 for the course       

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