Since my first session (well over a year ago now!) my life has completely switched around for the better. My mind, body and soul have greatly improved through Susanna healing, readings, life advice and Reiki courses. Susanna is so down to earth and genuinely lovely, I always feel at home whenever I am around her and that I know I will get the best advice for ME, not for what other people want of me.

The service that Susanna provides is second to none as she is flexible, personable, and has become one of my good friends. I have grown so much because of her and every time I see her I learn something completely new.

Before I had first met Susanna, I was apprehensive about going for readings and Reiki, as although I believed, I did worry that it would scare me, however the way Susanna treats people is not like you are a customer, but like you are a friend and even a family member. If there is anything going on in your life that you feel you made need someone to listen to and give you advice on, I would definitely recommend going to see Susanna. A few of my friends now go and visit Susanna because of my advice!
Lizzie, 2013

I first got to know Susanna about 7 years ago when I was going through a bad time in my life and I didn’t know what help l needed to get me through this at the time .
I spent a long time talking to Susanna about what was going on with me in my life and what she suggested was for me to have a Reiki treatment, well lIwas blown away with the treatment never in my life have I ever felt so good. I had never heard of Reiki but I was so taken with what Reiki can do for me that I carried on having treatments with Susanna .

After about 6 months I wanted to learn Reiki myself and l was able to do this with Susanna as well we booked in the Reiki 1 course this was a whole day .

Susanna never rushed through the course she give me her full attention that day explained everything in detail and answered any question I didn’t understand at the time .
I love Reiki so much that l went on to do Reiki 2 and Reiki Masters each one of these course Susanna never failed to give me 100% of her time even after the course day was finished she would all ways been on the end of her phone or email address to answer any questions that l may have .
I went on to do many other courses with Susanna and each one was no different in the way Susanna teaches she gives 100% every time .
I have never stop having my treatments with Susanna even though I can do this myself, to have treatments done on you by some one that has so much passion for what she does and what she feels in her heart is truly something .

If you are reading this I like to say I could never of done any of this with out the help and dedication of a wonderful teacher Susanna .
Pamela, 2013

I have been going to Susanna for reiki and back massage for several years now. The treatments I received have greatly helped me in my recovery from a spinal fusion operation to the extent that I experience virtually no back pain at all and I have been able to get back to pretty active lifestyle after 14 years of pain following surgery to correct a prolapsed disc. In fact I took up body-boarding this summer with no ill effects! The healing I receive from Susanna has, without a doubt, maximised and maintained my recovery and well-being.”

“l have done many healing courses with Susanna, Reiki 1 was where l started my first course, for me this was the start of some thing big in my life to learn all about Reki Healing and how it works Susanna was a great teacher for me she explained every thing to me in a way that l could understand and at my own pace, any question l had susanna would answer back quickly never not being there for me was never a issue . l went on to do Reiki 2 soon after wanting to learn more l finished the final course Reiki Masters.

But that didn’t stop there, l have gone to do Kundalini Awakening, Shamanic Healing, Buddha Palm Healing , Tibetan Soul Star Reki – The Souls Path – Every one of these courses has a different healing energy but they all have helped me in my healing journey.

lt’s taken me 5 years to finish these courses and what a great teacher l had to help me. Thank You Susanna.”

“I came to Susanna initially for beauty treatments. However, through her use of Reiki she awakened in me a desire to know more about the spiritual side of life. I am now a Reiki practitioner and we have done several spiritual development and meditation courses. These have been very rewarding and help me cope with whatever life throws at me! Susanna is a patient teacher and has a vast knowledge of so many different areas. I have also had past life regression and I’m always impatient for the next session to see what else will happen!”

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